B3: Be The Worst

          The “Be The Worst” pattern is described as a way be able to keep learning after you begin to hit a roadblock and your rate of learning has plateaued. The book explains that the solution to this problem is to make sure you are around developers who are better than […]

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Why Doctors Hate Their Computers

          I found the article, “Why Doctors Hate Their Computers”, very interesting and thought-provoking for a variety of reasons. The main reason I found this article interesting was because of all the frustration these EMRs can cause doctors and pile extra work on top of them. It was interesting to see […]

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B2: Concrete Skills

            The “Concrete Skills” pattern is described as a way to be able solidify and maintain skills that would be helpful in a work environment. The book explains that many teams don’t really want to hire someone who won’t be able to help with the workload. There are too many situations where you would be […]

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B1: Learn How You Fail

          The book describes the “Learn How You Fail” pattern by talking about failure in general throughout a developer’s life. It explains that everyone fails at some point in their life and it shows the potential of growth. The blog continues to say that identifying where an individual specially fails can […]

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Welcome! My name is Gulshan Kumar and I am creating this blog to help document the various subjects I will encounter while participating in my Computer Science Software Development Capstone. I hope you all learn as much as I do!

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