Sprint Review Blog # 6

            The final sprint review of the semester was very successful with our component finally being completed. We ironed out some bugs before finally completing our form component. We worked on the dialogue box that needed to popup after the submit button was clicked. We imported a new module and created a new component for […]


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Sprint Review Blog # 5

            Our fifth sprint really allowed us to sink our teeth into the project and build our first component. We continued to have bugs and issues with git and node modules that we had debugged earlier in our third and fourth sprint. These bugs have come and gone randomly among our team members which made […]

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Sprint Review Blog # 4

          Our fourth sprint laid the first real groundwork for the project design and coding. The AMPATH developers have given us more information as to how they want the simple app to look like. It should have a simplistic design within the flow and written code of the app to make […]

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B10: Sweep The Floor

          The “Sweep The Floor” pattern is described as a way be able find your place on a new team that is unsure of you. This pattern expresses how to find a way to earn your teams trust and contribute to their work without getting in their way. A good way […]

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Sprint Review Blog # 3

            Our third sprint enlightened the path the group planned to take with the other groups for the splitting of objectives. The AMPATH administrators were able to give us more information based on the project specs that included wireframes of each component that we needed to create. The team heavily benefited from the clearer explanation […]

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B9: Rubbing Elbows

          The “Rubbing Elbows” pattern is described as a way be able to branch out and meet other developers instead of working alone. The book talks about how productivity and learning can understandable plateau if you constantly work alone. The best learning experiences come from balancing private learning with team learning […]

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B8: Practice, Practice, Practice

        The “Practice, Practice, Practice” pattern is explained as one of the better ways to develop your skills in new areas and get better with hands-on learning. The book continues by saying that being able to learn skills on your own time gives you multiple benefits that can’t exactly be emulated in […]

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B7: Read Constantly

       The “Read Constantly” pattern is described as a way to create a strong base of knowledge and an even better understanding of the industry around you. There seems to be such a vast amount of information out there today that it seems very intimidating to even fathom where you should start. Reading […]

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Sprint Review Blog # 2

            Our second sprint had little coding action and more of a personal learning aspect that we decided to focus on. I found that the team benefited from individual learning in a similar fashion to an independent study when trying to learn about important concepts like Mockito testing and Angular formats. We then compiled our […]

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B6: Find Mentors

          The “Find Mentors” pattern is explained as the search for when beginners start looking for developed craftsman to show them a specified path. The book explains that the first step is to find someone who is already ahead of you and try to learn as much as you can from […]

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