B10: Mediator Design Pattern

Mediator Pattern       This week, I chose to talk about a blog I found that went over the mediator design pattern and its implementation. The blog post starts off by explaining that the mediator design pattern is a famous pattern found in the Gang of Four book. It is known to reduce coupling […]

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B9: Chain of Responsibility

Chain of Responsibility       This week I chose to write about a blog that talked about the behavior design pattern known as the chain of responsibility. The post explained that behavioral patterns are used to build foundations that allow objects to communicate and give each other jobs to do. The chain of responsibility […]

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B8: Flyweight Design Pattern

Flyweight The blog I chose to talk about this week goes into detail about the flyweight design pattern using its applications and implementations. When the blog starts talking about the applications of the design pattern, it begins with the situations of when you should use this design pattern. It explains that flyweight is centered around […]

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B6: Model-View-Controller

Model-View-Controller           This week, I chose to write about a blog that went over the understanding of Model-View-Controller. The post first started by explaining each term separately by saying that the Models represented the knowledge while the View was a visual representation of the Models and the Controllers were the links […]

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B5: Encapsulation

Encapsulation         I chose a podcast this week to try and broaden my learning experience using different resources. This podcast talked about object oriented programming dealing specifically with the idea of encapsulation. It went through the basics of what encapsulation is and how classes, methods, and variables all connect with each other […]

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B4: Multiton Design Pattern

Multiton Patterns Explained The article I chose this week explains a lot about the multiton design pattern which is very similar to the idea of the singleton pattern. It limits the number of instances a class can have by using a specific key for each instance and only one object can be made from that […]

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