B3: Be The Worst

          The “Be The Worst” pattern is described as a way be able to keep learning after you begin to hit a roadblock and your rate of learning has plateaued. The book explains that the solution to this problem is to make sure you are around developers who are better than you and can help you identify your weaknesses by comparison. It removes the sense of comfort that builds up once an individual performs better and makes you recover faster from mistakes with more competent team members at your side. The learning process can become smoother through this pattern and allows the individual a better sense of understanding of their skills before and after joining the team. The goal is to not remain the weakest team member and to be constantly working hard to make sure that you can surpass your team members. This can lead to sudden risks of dragging the team down if you cannot catch up quickly enough and affect how you view yourself. The motivation of an individual is tested here as well how much stress one can endure and to push through for the eventual endgame.

          I found that this pattern is very relatable to me which in turn could be useful to apply into my daily life. I find it interesting how much of the situations the book brought up were so similar to problems I’ve faced in the past in terms of moving my skills up to the net level. I found that my learning had plateaued as well and didn’t really understand how to deal with it. The idea of removing my sense of comfort form my first language is thought-provoking because it seems to be very difficult for me to let go of my first language and move on to more difficult concepts. I have always loved learning Java, but this pattern as shown me to look past a single language and continue to grow with the industry. I still am hesitant to let go of my coding habits from Java but realize that I have to make this change immediately. I should surround myself with those that are better than me and try to survive in that environment to evolve my understanding of code at a faster rate. I agree with this pattern completely after fully understanding how it works and how to better my skills through my environment.

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