B7: Read Constantly

       The “Read Constantly” pattern is described as a way to create a strong base of knowledge and an even better understanding of the industry around you. There seems to be such a vast amount of information out there today that it seems very intimidating to even fathom where you should start. Reading is the best way to start learning more about the industry and more abstract yet fundamental concepts. The idea of reading everyday may seem like a lot of work at first but the key is to completely immerse yourself into the context of the text. Find new ways to apply what you learn to what you are working on and familiarize yourself with patterns before they become more popular and widespread. Another good way to read is to section parts of the book into manageable pieces to organize your learning experience such that it flows easier reading from one chapter to another. The book also talks about momentum when finishing books by allowing a brief but not long period of absence from reading. Find your next book and move onto it as fast as you can without creating a disturbance in your work life.

            This pattern was interesting because it showed me a way to read without making it too overwhelming. Every book I find on coding seems to become very overwhelming with the amount of content inside. The content itself becomes boring when reading for too long, it begins to sound repetitive which leads to a lack of interest. I found the tactic of breaking these large amounts of reading into smaller portions a great idea. I’ve been currently applying this tactic with great results as I can retain the smaller amounts of information better and this allows me to keep a more vested interest in the book. I also found that focusing on the portions of the book that interest you can make it easier to read. Focusing on ideas and aspects that you want to learn more than the rest makes the reading go by much faster. I agree with this pattern because of the amount of information that is available at all times to us. It’s very important to use our resources to the best benefit we can take from them. Books and online readings are everywhere these days and it makes information much easier to obtain, so to sharpen your skills you must broaden your skill set as well.


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