B8: Practice, Practice, Practice

        The “Practice, Practice, Practice” pattern is explained as one of the better ways to develop your skills in new areas and get better with hands-on learning. The book continues by saying that being able to learn skills on your own time gives you multiple benefits that can’t exactly be emulated in a work environment. In a work environment, you constantly feel the pressure of learning new skills and learning them quickly while practicing by yourself allows you to control the rate at which you want to comfortably learn. The main idea of this pattern is to have a stress-free environment for you to experiment and eventually learn in. The idea of integrating feedback loops should also be in the back of your mind since it could prove useful here. It is possible to develop bad habits as you practice so making sure that someone can give feedback on your practice afterwards is also crucial. This allows a better learning experience in the long run by quickly correcting any habits that form rather than letting them sit with you for an extended period of time.

            I found this pattern to be important and useful as a reminder to make sure that I keep practicing. It outlined the positives of practicing code and how to set a personal pace for learning compared to a work environment. I found that when the book talked about the fast pace of work being different from learning at home, it resonated with me much more. I want to incorporate this pacing technique for personal learning more to find out how it can affect my overview on a subject. I predict that it will allow me to continue learning without getting too burned out since I would be able to control the pace at which I want to digest information. This can be helpful because there are some days where I don’t feel like working a lot which allows me to control the learning load compared to days where I want to learn a lot. I agree with this pattern for that very reason, to be able to personally create my own time schedule as long as I continue practicing at a continuous rate. Practice can only make my knowledge base greater and it allows me to experiment with ideas that I wouldn’t be able to in a work environment at my own pace.


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