Sprint Review Blog # 3

            Our third sprint enlightened the path the group planned to take with the other groups for the splitting of objectives. The AMPATH administrators were able to give us more information based on the project specs that included wireframes of each component that we needed to create. The team heavily benefited from the clearer explanation by being able to divide the work out to our team members in a productive manner. We were able to understand what the project generally asked for and began working on our first component for the angular project. This sprint also gave us more time to look at the code AMPATH had given us for reference material on variable naming and options when creating the components. We compiled ideas on our first component and finalized that we would work on the form component. We analyzed the videos that were related to that component and realized that it could be made fairly easily but there were more questions that needed to be answered. We found that the question fields for the form were not stated, so we decided to create their names based on their question number. We would like to implement real questions, but we can only do that once we confirm this is needed with AMPATH. I think that we should proceed to understand the AMPATH format for their angular code and look into understanding how we will possibly setup the Mockito style of testing we are aiming for. A better understanding of the project will be needed to further enhance the user experience so as to create a flow within the program that seems seamless to the backend user. We want to continue to understand how we should edit and evolve the code already given to us and turn it into the final product that they want. I think that the hardest part for the future will be to connect each component together and bind them into one final app with the other groups. This is going to take a good amount of proper communication to achieve. It will be necessary for the future so I think it would be a good idea to start talking to the other groups about this now. This will keep them on alert and conscious of the code they write to make sure it can be understood properly by someone on another team. This app will be used by back end users for simplistic tasks such as filling out questionnaires and taking notes on patients based on their medications. It seems that another team has also found some Mockito code within the files given to us by AMPATH that could be useful in creating our own data to be fed into the application. I’m uneasy about the lack of information we have based on variables in play when looking at patients between our version of the application and the AMPATH application. I hope that the transition of data between the two applications would go smoothly but it doesn’t seem reasonable to think that this process would go without hiccups.


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