B10: Sweep The Floor

          The “Sweep The Floor” pattern is described as a way be able find your place on a new team that is unsure of you. This pattern expresses how to find a way to earn your teams trust and contribute to their work without getting in their way. A good way to start is to volunteer to do simple tasks to show initiative and competence for small tasks to eventually work your way up to the big ones. An important fact to remember is to go for quality of work rather than quantity to ensure your teammates of how seriously you are taking this opportunity given by them. This may seem like a step back from all the studying and preparation you’ve done to get to the point, but you must also remember that now you are hired to be on this team. You must prove yourself before they can put any sort of trust in you and the best way to do that without causing any accidents are smaller tasks. This does not mean that you should let the team see you as the pack mule for meaningless tasks, but rather someone who can pick up the slack if needed.

         I found this pattern to be a great introduction to read before really starting out on a team. It allows an easier incorporation to the team dynamic and earn a teammates trust. It created a good sense of what to do and not to do so as to make sure that you are doing extra work for the good of the team while not becoming a pack mule. I want to start using these skills and think that they will definitely make working in a team easier. I think it will make the workload harder, but it seems to be a good trade off to earn the respect for other teammates. I agree with this pattern for that very reason because respect is a very big deal in teamwork. Every team member should prove their skills and respect for the good of the team. I want to continue this practice to make sure that my dedication and commitment to the team is seen to create a better bond with teammates.


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