Sprint Review Blog # 4

          Our fourth sprint laid the first real groundwork for the project design and coding. The AMPATH developers have given us more information as to how they want the simple app to look like. It should have a simplistic design within the flow and written code of the app to make sure it works properly. We created a new repository from a more updated version of the original files given to us. The original files were lacking in certain angular development modules so importing certain components and data became an issue quite quickly. The updated files now have those development modules which we have just cloned onto our computers and created a QForm component for the questionnaire form. We had to delete our previous branch known as questionnaire-form because it wasn’t up to date with the new files. We decided it would be easier to create a new branch from the new files and start over in this manner. We created the new QForm component and have laid the groundwork skeleton for how the design should look within our CSS and HTML files. The CSS is giving us issues however, because the form that we imported was vertical in format while the one that shows up when we ng serve is horizontal and slightly unformatted. We will continue to work on these issues to make sure they are ironed out and looking as proper as possible. We debug any issues we come across separately on our own and then bring it to the team if we can’t seem to figure it out. The option of multiple people debugging a problem is comforting and it allows a fresh look onto an engaging topic. I personally enjoy group debugging because it makes the learning experience much more enjoyable. I still think that the hardest part for the future will be to connect each component together and bind them into one final app with the other groups. We’ve already started collaborating with other teams on what information we all will be needing from a mock server. It will be necessary for the future so I think we should discuss how this server will be setup and which development tools will be used. We should also understand how data types will be formatted within this database so as to hold only meaningful information. It would be interesting to see how patient data types are handled at AMPATH but we’ll just have to make our own version based on guessing. I’m now more worried about connecting the CSS and HTML for the final application to make sure everything looks nice and simplistic since we had issues with our own CSS. We want to continue to understand how we should edit and evolve the code already given to us and turn it into the final product that they want. The most important aspect of this design that we decided on seems to be simplicity with functionality. We want to incorporate that using the imported modules while also gaining knowledge on how they designed their app.


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