Sprint Review Blog # 5

            Our fifth sprint really allowed us to sink our teeth into the project and build our first component. We continued to have bugs and issues with git and node modules that we had debugged earlier in our third and fourth sprint. These bugs have come and gone randomly among our team members which made working in synchronization much harder because not everyone had a stable version running at all times. We debugged the issue through various methods using multiple pulls from other branches in git to solve the issue. The first error started with the CSS formatting that had been troubling us for a long time. We had originally solved the issue, but it came back once again when we pulled a fresh copy of the project from our branch repository. We decided to pull another version of the project from another groups branch and debug their files to see if the problem was with our local machines. It seems that the issue was with our file structure for our git branch because the other groups branch was running just fine. We decided to look further into the file structure of our project and reorganize the node modules to see if we could solve the issue. After further reinstallation of the node modules through the npm install command, we were able to get an interface up again. The CSS now works fine with the HTML and other application files. The integration of the Q-Form component with the app files within the code is our next real goal. We want to easily connect the component to the app files so that we can finally see if the function is up to our visual standards. We also have to decide if we want to select subgroups to finish this component while another set of people begin working on the next component. We will have to discuss this as a group during our next sprint, but I believe we are on the right track for this development cycle. We have solved many issues and are almost done making our first component. There has been talk about communication with an integration team that will be handling the total integration of various components into a demo file for the application. It could be possible that we have to mock some information as well for data instead of a server. It would be easier for time constraints to make random data rather than set up a server so that is definitely an option. The option of multiple people debugging a problem is comforting and it allows a fresh look onto an engaging topic as well. I personally enjoy group debugging because it makes the learning experience much more enjoyable. This sprint really taught me to understand other people’s point of view when debugging. I learned to be patient and try to understand another mindset even if it takes me longer than necessary. This proved to be vital when communicating with team members and allows a feeling of inclusion as well as mutual understanding.


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