Sprint Review Blog # 6

            The final sprint review of the semester was very successful with our component finally being completed. We ironed out some bugs before finally completing our form component. We worked on the dialogue box that needed to popup after the submit button was clicked. We imported a new module and created a new component for this solution. The module was called MatDialogBox and it was imported from the angular library, but we needed to create a new component to implement it correctly according to the documentation. We had multiple issues with formatting the popup box with buttons that said done and cancel because the default dialog box comes with a text field instead. Once finished, we pushed the changes and asked our instructor to finalize the merge. We realized that there were issues with multiple similar imports from various projects which lead to complications as I had mentioned in my previous sprint reviews. This stage was the stage that I worried about the most throughout the project and reflected on. The merging of our code with other teams’ components turned out to be much more complicated than I initially thought. We needed to remove any imports for angular modules that were repeated within every component that was made in the final project. We had to sift through various groups code to make sure there were the correct imports while also making sure it would compile correctly. We ran into issues very quickly when we ran the program since it wasn’t properly styled. The components that we made overlapped each other when we served it. This meant that the visual details in the html and css files needed to be further modified. We looked into moving the tab component around and the homepage to make sure our component was underneath which proved fruitful. However, formatting the entire project to be visually appealing turned into a nightmare. The branches that we initially pulled to piece the components together turned out to be a branch that held broken code. There was a different branch that held the compatible code with other components which led to confusion in the beginning when we tried to serv the project. We were suggested to leave this task to the integration team, but we still wanted to persevere and try to find some way to make things easier for them. Finally finishing the Q-Form component was a very interesting experience as was this entire project. We went from using real Ampath code to making our simple app that would run off pre-determined data that we would feed ourselves. It was a great learning experience as to how to communicate with a team and understanding a groups workflow to enhance communication between each other. This allowed us to debug together and solve issues much faster in person compared to over our communication channels. I realized that we really crunched through any questions or troubleshooting very efficiently when in person compared to online. This sprint really taught me to understand other people’s point of view when debugging. I learned to be patient and try to understand another mindset even if it takes me longer than necessary. The final presentation really showed me how patience and teamwork can prove to be useful in the grand scheme of things.


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